Wednesday, February 8, 2012


 BOOMERANG band is a rock music group of top Indonesian official BOOMERANG Surabaya.Band stand on May 8, 1994 in Los Angels name but have started doing business since 1991.
Them with the flow type of rock music, but they do not limit the influence of various music genres, and all it's just the flow hallmark of their music.

 In the early 1990's, with personnel: Hubert Henry Limahelu (bass), John Paul Ivan (guitar), Roy Jeconiah Isoka Wurangian (vocals) and a dramer founded a band called Lost Angels.

In 1994 they were hired by record companies Logiss Record.Dan in March-April 1994 under producer in the studio Nirvana Zhelebour Log Record "Surabaya", they work almost 18 hours each day to record their debut album. While finished with the process of recording their first album cover and wait for the manufacture of tapes, they decided to spend their drummer because of his behavior could not be more in line with the ideals of the original purpose of their group and are too concerned with personal material. 
On May 8, 1994 they agreed to change the name of Lost Angels became Boomerang is also the title of their debut album was released in the market on July 1, 1994 with the hit single `Kasih`. Therefore, in the manufacture of `Love` clip on the first album, they only show three. To fill the vacancy in the position of drummer when they have to do a concert tour and they recruit Farid Martin, on January 1, 1995 Farid Martin officially became a permanent member of the Boomerang.

However, due to differences in principle in mid-2005 John Paul Ivan opt out of the Booomerang and decided to work sendiri.Dan formed his own band with bassist Bondan Prakoso from Funky Corporal and Cliff as Dramer.   
In lieu of John Paul Ivan, Boomerang had recruited two young guitarist from Indonesia Oi Power Metal band and guitarist Tommy Riau.Can not satisfied with their performance, one of the Boomerang to recruit a reliable Indonesia Andiy Franzzy Guitarist, former guitarist Power Slawes in early 2006. 

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